Serving the Best

Peter Erickson hand-hammers each piece of Erickson flatware using a special forging anvil and other specialized tools and implements - many of them generations old. No machines are ever used - making each silver piece produced a labor-intensive and very special work of art.

Erickson patterns have been handed down through the decades from the original 1800s design studio and workshop of Stone Silver. They make very special gifts. Ideas? Weddings. Birth celebrations. Or other life events where something memorable is called for.

Positive Impressions

Erickson Silver offers everything from individual pieces - to full sets.

Choose from the many Erickson flatware patterns. Just some options include full place settings, serving sets, salad sets, ladles, carving sets, baby flatware and much more. Simply call us, visit us, or send us an email.

View our Flatware Item & Price List here. See a listing of all of the unique pieces available - from sugar tongs and salt ladles to fish knives and napkin bands.

Erickson Silver Flatware Gallery

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Erickson Flatware Patterns

From left to right: Rose, Manchester, Chino, Princess, Hume, Gerber, Fiddle, Wellington and Swedish Classic.

Chino Place Setting

One of Erickson Silver's 9 Hand wrought Silver Flatware Patterns. This is our Chino Pattern.

Classic Serving Pieces

Small Pierced Tomato Server, Small Serving Fork, Small Serving Spoon, Large Berry Spoon, Large Pierced Serving Spoon, Tablespoon, Pierced Tablespoon.

Serving Close-ups

Some Erickson Silver Serving Piece close-ups - Small Serving Fork, Small Serving Spoon, Pierced Tablespoon and Regular Tablespoon.

Specialty Forks

Erickson Silver Specialty Forks include the attractive Cold Meat Fork, Lemon Fork, Oyster Fork and Pickle Fork.

Silver Servers & Knives

Consider our Pierced Pie Server, Solid Pie Server, Cake Server, Cheese Server, Butter Knife, Pie/Cake Server and Cake Knife (with stainless steel blade).

Beautiful Baby Gifts

Remembered for a lifetime, here are our hand wrought silver Baby Pusher, Baby Feeding Spoon, Baby Fork, Baby Knife and Baby Spoon. (Monogram additional.)

Erickson Ladles & Spoons

Ladles for Cream, Gravy and Mayonnaise. Enjoy 3 special spoons - Iced Teaspoon, Jelly Spoon and Sugar Shovel.

For Those Special Occasions

Erickson Silver's Carving Set - 2 piece with hollow handle and 7” stainless blade. Also, shown on the left, our Pitcher Spoon, 12 1/4” long.

Erickson Silver Salad Set

This is the largest of the three sizes of salad sets that we offer. The gleaming spoon is 9 ¾” long x 2 3/8” wide and the fork is 10” long and 2” wide.