Silver for Women and Men

People have been adorning themselves with silver since ancient times. Jewelry made of Sterling Silver can last many lifetimes. Erickson Silver hand crafts rings, bracelets, bangles, pins, pendants, cuff links and other classic pieces. (We also offer items in gold.)

Most Erickson patterns are classics from the 1800 and 1900s — and originated from Arthur J. Stone and Stone Associates designs, drawings and templates.


Enhancing Life

There's nothing like the sparkle of hand wrought Sterling Silver, made just for you...or the recipient of your gift. Each piece is ever so slightly unique, making them even more precious.

View our Jewelry Item & Price List here and see a listing of all of the unique pieces available - from rings and bangles to earrings, pendants and more. Be sure to call, visit or send us an email.

Erickson Silver Jewelry Gallery

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Mens Monogram Jewelry

Letter Opener. Man's bracelet. Money Clip with monogram. Tie tack with monogram. Cuff Links. Tie Bar with monogram. Man's Initial Ring.

Monogram Pins & Pendants

Small and Round Oval Pendants with monogram are depicted in the center surrounded by Erickson Silver Round, Oval and Oblong Pendants.

Cuff Bracelets

Narrow Cuff. Narrow Twist Cuff. 5/8" 7/8", 1 1/4" Wide Cuffs. With or without monogram.

Bangles That Look Great in Pairs

Plain bangle. Engraved bangle with scroll. Twist, double-twist & heavy-twist bangles. Overpass with monogram. Star bangle. Star bangle. Almeida chased bangle.